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Can Food Delivery Services Be Healthy?

12 Aug 2023


If the idea of having a meal delivered to your home evokes images of a high-fat, or high-sugar indulgence that will set you far off of your health goals, get ready for something new. The truth is that with the right service, meal delivery can be a wholesome, nutritious and convenient way to support a healthy lifestyle and help you feel your best.

At Meal Village, we strive to offer a rotating menu of well-balanced, thoughtfully prepared and nutritionally-dense meals every day. Our team of in-house chefs and nutrition professionals carefully develop recipes, source local ingredients and prepare every bite with care.

When a Meal Village meal shows up at your doorstep, you can rest assured that the dinner you're about to enjoy features the highest-quality produce, proteins and grains that also happen to taste delicious.

Enjoy fresh, delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home.


How to Find a Healthy Meal Delivery Service?

Of course, not every meal delivery service is healthy. And when you're shopping around for the right service for your lifestyle, it can be confusing and difficult to tell which is the healthiest meal delivery service.

However, here in Chicago, Meal Village leads the way when it comes to quality, nutrition and flavor. Here are a few things to look out for when you're looking for healthy meal delivery:

Ingredient Sourcing

Good nutrition starts at the source. And our team of trained chefs knows that if you don't start cooking with the best ingredients, you simply can't build a nutritious meal. That's why we partner with local growers and producers to source the freshest and cleanest ingredients. We aim to have our produce travel as little as possible from harvest to your plate. We know you'll be able to taste the difference.

Fresh fruit and vegetables start to lose flavor, texture and essential vitamins and minerals as soon they're picked. So by choosing local purveyors, we can minimize this time to ensure your food tastes as fresh and stays as nutritionally robust as possible.

Healthy Recipes

Once we have the right ingredients as a foundation for each meal, the next step in our food development process is to plan and test the right recipes that are well balanced and tasty. We have a dedicated team of nutrition experts who understand the seasonal ingredients and put together satisfying and delicious meals. Our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are designed to help you meet your needs for macro- and micro nutrients.

For little ones, our kid's meals keep active children full so they can focus on school and play.


You're not likely to stick to a healthy meal plan if you're facing the same tired salad day after day. That's why we infuse our menu with as much variety as possible, using seasonal ingredients and flavors from around the world to keep your taste buds interested and hungry for more.

Our menus also go beyond dinner. We serve up family-favorite breakfasts, hearty side dishes, satisfying snacks, and kid's meals too.


Finally, a healthy meal delivery service should also fit into your lifestyle. The benefit of having your meals delivered is that it's a seamless process that meets you where you are. We deliver to commercial and residential addresses throughout the greater Chicago area.

With no-contact delivery, you don't even have to be home to meet us. Simply leave us a note and our driver will leave your packaged and ready-to-eat meals in a safe location. See if we come to your neighborhood here.

Try a Healthy Meal Prep Service Today

Hungry to try out the healthiest meal delivery service in Chicago? There's no long-term commitment or subscription necessary to give Meal Village a go. See what we have cooking on this week's menu and have a healthy and wholesome meal delivered to your door tonight.

Enjoy fresh, delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home.


Start Your Meal Delivery in Chicago Today

Now that you're on board with the many delicious, healthy and convenient benefits of meal delivery services, do yourself a favor and try our ultra-fresh chef-prepared meals today. There's no subscription or commitment required, and we're always here for you with daily delivery.

And our menu is always changing, so be sure to check out what's cooking this week.

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