70 Gift Ideas for Elderly Fathers That Your Dad Will Truly Appreciate

70 Gift Ideas for Elderly Fathers That Your Dad Will Truly Appreciate

12 Mar 2024

70 Gift Ideas for Elderly Fathers That Your Dad Will Truly Appreciate

While a mug or pair of socks make nice gifts every now and then, they can seem a little generic year after year. This time around, choose a thoughtful gift that shows your dad how much you really care. For inspiration, start with the below list of 70 gift ideas for elderly fathers to help you choose the perfect one.

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What to get the older father who has everything

  • 1. Create a photo album

  • A handmade album filled with pictures of the two of you throughout the years is a great gift for an older father.

  • 2. Custom photo puzzle

  • Use a photo of a cherished memory for a custom photo puzzle that he'll enjoy putting together for years to come.

  • 3. Tickets to an event

  • Whether he prefers sporting events, concerts, or theater, purchase two tickets so you can enjoy the event together.

  • 4. An evening out

  • Instead of getting him something he already has, treat your father to dinner at his favorite restaurant, followed by a sweet treat or a movie.

  • 5. A putting green

  • If he loves to golf, bring the putting green to his home so he can practice his game year-round.

  • 6. A golf rangefinder

  • A golf lover might also enjoy adding a rangefinder to his golf bag to accurately measure the distance to the hole.

  • 7. A travel book

  • A recent retiree may want to start planning his next vacation, and a travel book is the perfect gift to help him plan accordingly.

  • 8. A light therapy lamp

  • A light therapy lamp can uplift your loved one's spirits on dark, wintry days.

  • 9. A smokeless fire pit

  • Cozy nights sitting around the fire are much more enjoyable with an easy-to-light, easy-to-move fire pit.

  • 10. A massage

  • Pamper your loved one with a relaxing massage to soothe their sore muscles and achy joints.

  • 11. A local membership

  • Whether he loves to visit museums, zoos, or the gym, there are plenty of memberships your father might enjoy throughout the year.

  • 12. An membership

  • If your father wants to learn more about his extended family, an membership has many resources to help him create his family tree.

What to get the older father who doesn't want anything

  • 1. A customized gift basket

  • Give your dad a homemade gift basket filled with all his favorite things. You can even go the extra mile and base it around a theme such as sports, movies, or cuisines.

  • 2. Send a heartfelt letter

  • Show your love and appreciation through a handwritten, heartfelt letter.

  • 3. A window-bird feeder

  • Birdwatchers can enjoy seeing different local species up close anytime with bird feeders that stick right on the window.

  • 4. Non-slip socks

  • Sometimes, the right pair of socks is still the best gift. Non-slip socks are affordable and can reduce your loved one's risk of falling while lounging at home.

  • 5. Grilling tools

  • If he loves to cook and host family gatherings, consider grilling tools or accessories for Father's Day.

  • 6. A streaming service

  • Get him a streaming service so he can watch all his favorite movies and TV shows.

  • 7. Pajama set

  • A flannel pajama set is perfect for keeping your father toasty and warm on lounge day.

  • 8. A back scratcher

  • A long back scratcher can help your loved one with limited movement satisfy those itchy, hard-to-reach places.

  • 9. A heated blanket

  • A heated blanket can improve your loved one's sleep, alleviate pain, and promote relaxation.

  • 10. A cookbook

  • Put his cooking skills to the test and give him a cookbook filled with flavorful recipes.

  • 11. New shoes

  • A new pair of shoes with good arch support and grip can reduce your loved one's risk of falling.

  • 12. A warm flannel or sweater

  • A cozy sweater or flannel can keep him warm whether he's lounging around the house or enjoying a night on the town.

10 gift ideas that are great for grandfathers too

  • 1. A digital picture frame

  • Keep your loved one up to date and share your family adventures with him through a digital photo frame app.

  • 2. Digitized home movies

  • Turn all of your grandfather's video camera recordings of you growing up into digital videos you can watch together with a movie digitization device.

  • 3. Custom calendar

  • A custom calendar filled with family photos, birthdays, and special dates is a great gift your loved one can enjoy every day.

  • 4. A custom birthday book

  • For his next birthday, give him a custom birthday book that showcases the major newsworthy events that happened on the day he was born.

  • 5. A personalized book

  • Create a one-of-a-kind story with Grandpa and his grandkids as the main characters. He'll love creating memories reading his personalized book to his young grandchildren.

  • 6. Ear gear

  • Ear gear protective covers can extend the life of your loved one's hearing aids.

  • 7. A coffee mug warmer

  • Help keep his coffee at the perfect temperature all morning.

  • 8. A weather monitor

  • Help your loved one decide what to wear without even having to step outside. A weather monitor displays the current conditions for him.

  • 9. Grandparent Talk game

  • The Grandparent Talk game features fun prompts so you can learn more about your grandparents and what their life was like years ago.

  • 10. Pain relief cream

  • Help your loved one relieve sore muscles and achy joints with a high-quality pain relief cream.

Inexpensive gifts for older fathers

  • 1. Resistance bands

  • Resistance bands are the perfect gift for a father who wants to become more active and strengthen his muscles at home.

  • 2. Brain games

  • Brain games such as sudoku or crossword puzzles are great activities that can help keep older adults' minds sharp.

  • 3. An adult coloring book

  • An adult coloring book offers older adults a laid-back activity that can spark their creativity.

  • 4. A pill organizer

  • A pill organizer can make tracking daily medications easier and more convenient.

  • 5. Jigsaw puzzles

  • It doesn't have to be customized. Classic jigsaw puzzles are a great time-consuming activity that can test your father's problem-solving skills.

  • 6. A magazine subscription

  • Does your dad have a favorite magazine? An annual subscription is a great gift he can look forward to reading every month.

  • 7. A book

  • Transport him to another world with a book from his favorite author or genre.

  • 8. An indoor herb garden kit

  • With an herb-growing kit, he can enjoy fresh, homegrown herbs all year round.

  • 9. A grabber

  • Save him from any back pain and give him a grabber so he can tidy up the house quickly and easily.

  • 10. Jar opener

  • With a jar opener, he can open the toughest of jars in one swift movement.

  • 11. A password tracker book

  • With so many different accounts, it can be hard to keep track of all the passwords he's created over the years. Save him the time and trouble by giving him a book where he can write all of them down.

  • 12. Succulents

  • A succulent is a great gift for anyone, from experienced plant lovers to those looking for a low-maintenance way to spruce up their home.

Practical gifts for older fathers

  • 1. A cleaning service

  • Save him the time and hassle and sign him up for a cleaning service he can appreciate.

  • 2. A robot vacuum

  • Vacuuming can be a time-consuming and draining task. Gift him a vacuum robot that will keep his house clean while he enjoys the activities he loves.

  • 3. A portable cooktop

  • A cooktop is a safe gift for an older parent who may need a little help in the kitchen.

  • 4. A walker caddy

  • If he has a walker, a caddy lets him bring all his essentials without having to carry anything.

  • 5. An AirTag

  • An AirTag can help your loved one keep track of his most important items.

  • 6. A sleep sound machine

  • With a sleep sound machine, your loved one can drift off to white noise or peaceful nature sounds every night.

  • 7. A new mobility aid

  • A new walker or elegantly designed cane makes a great practical gift for someone who uses a mobility aid.

  • 8. Night lights

  • Night lights can provide a bright walking path during the night, helping your loved one move with ease.

  • 9. A video doorbell

  • With a video doorbell, your loved one can see who's at their door with the tap of a button.

  • 10. A key finder

  • Get your loved one a key finder so he can keep track of his keys at all times.

  • 11. A fitness tracker

  • Help your loved one monitor his activity, sleep, and heart rate with a fitness tracker.

  • 12. A bed assist

  • A bed assist offers your father a helping hand when getting in and out of bed.

Unique gifts for older fathers

  • 1. Couch cup holder tray

  • Let him relax with his beverages easily in reach with a couch cup holder tray.

  • 2. French press coffee maker

  • A French press will make the coffee-drinker in your life want to rise and shine for the perfect morning brew.

  • 3. Automatic card shuffler

  • An automatic card shuffler can shuffle the deck in seconds and save him any wrist pain.

  • 4. A record player

  • A record player is a great gift that allows your loved one to listen to his favorite tunes - and it makes for great home decor.

  • 5. Handheld massager

  • Dad deserves some pampering too. Give him the gift of peaceful relaxation with a heated, handheld back massager.

  • 6. Voice assistant device

  • A voice-controlled assistant device allows your loved one to hear weather reports, read audiobooks, control music, and more without needing to press a button.

  • 7. A hammock

  • A hammock is a great, relaxing gift your loved one can enjoy plenty of times during the warm summer days.

  • 8. Pickleball set

  • If he's trying to pick up a new hobby, a pickleball set is a great gift to keep him active and meeting new friends.

  • 9. Chef knives

  • High-quality knives make chopping easier. Give the chef in your family a new set of carving knives.

  • 10. Camping gear

  • If he's an outdoorsy type, get him some new camping gear he can use on his next getaway.

  • 11. A cooking class

  • Give him the ultimate foodie gift - a class where he'll learn new recipes and try flavor-packed food.

  • 12. A meal delivery service

  • Whether he can't easily move around in the kitchen or doesn't have time to cook, a meal delivery service can be a helpful gift. He'll enjoy the taste of home-cooked meals without having to deal with the hassle and clean-up.

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