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65 Unique Gifts for Elderly Parents - Tailored to Their Needs

01 Dec 2023


Maybe your older parents are the kind to insist they don't need anything or that you don't have to buy them gifts. Maybe your parents are kind of picky when it comes to how they live their lives. In any case, no matter your challenge when coming up with gift ideas for older adults, there's always a perfect present out there. The 65 gifts for elderly parents listed below are just the start.

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Gifts for elderly parents who have everything

1. Food gift cards - Everyone loves good food, and that's why food delivery gift cards are the perfect present for your parents, even if they have everything. With these gift cards, your parents can enjoy fresh and delicious meals at their home every day, without the need to cook.

2. Recurring cleaning subscriptions - Your parent might appreciate this low-hassle way of keeping their space and belongings neat and tidy.

3. Sports season passes - A full season of unlimited access to a big, accessible stadium nearby can bring new forms of excitement into your parent's life

4. DNA genetic testing - If your parent has long been interested in exploring the family tree, they can do just that with DNA genetic testing.

5. Photo necklace - Your parent can always carry a memory of you and them together with these necklaces they're unlikely to already have

Entertainment gifts for elderly parents

6. Jumbo playing cards - Unusually big playing cards can be entertaining for their novelty alone, and their larger text is great for visually impaired parents

7. Bingo sets - Older adults have social lives too, and bingo is a classic low-stakes game for group settings.

8. Jigsaw puzzles - People of all ages enjoy the hours-long challenge of assembling small jigsaw puzzle pieces into huge, gorgeous images.

9. Record player and LPs - Your parents may have grown up with these, and they've surged in popularity anew, making them an especially thoughtful gift

Clothes and accessories for older parents

10. House slippers - These are just plain old comfy, plus they prevent falls and slips on common home flooring materials, unlike most socks

11. Non-slip socks - These more compact alternatives to slippers might be better for older adults who prefer a more secure fit.

12. Adaptive garments - Certain apparel brands create clothes designed for people with arthritis, incontinence, and other conditions more common among older adults

13. Compression socks - For older parents with congestive heart failure, these socks can strengthen foot circulation, boost energy, and reduce swelling.

Mobility gifts for elderly parents

14. Vehicle support grab bars - For parents who drive, this gift is a game-changer for getting in and out of the car.

15. No-installation tension poles - These hassle-free rods achieve the same effect as vehicle bars but for the toilet or a couch

16. Walking cane - Buy these from a department store, and they'll be among the most inexpensive gifts for older parents.

17. Rideshare gift cards - With this gift, your older parents can get wherever they're going whenever they need, all without paying.

Sentimental gifts for older parents

18. Picture frames - Print a digital photo of the whole family, then frame it and gift it - or bundle two or three framed photos as your gift.

19. Photo puzzles - Alternatively, use your most prized family photo as the basis for a jigsaw puzzle that's both fun and heart-stirring to complete.

20. Wall canvases - Another non-framed option, these three-dimensional photos often come with their own easy hanging or mounting equipment

21. Photo calendars - If you're choosing from among many photos, throw them all into a calendar - it can fit 12 whole photos.

Gifts for visually impaired parents

22. Audiobook platform subscription - The gift of reading is fully accessible to visually impaired parents with a subscription to full-length books read aloud

23. Portable magnifying glass - Keychain and necklace magnifying glasses come in handy whenever your parent needs to zoom in on text or images.

24. Large-print kitchen items - Measuring cups and other labeled items are often available in larger print for added visual assistance.

25. Talking wristwatch - Some wristwatches include audio features for understanding what time it is if the watch face is difficult to see.

Calming gifts for older parents

26. Essential oil diffusers - These easy-to-use devices can have various soothing effects depending on which essential oils you use

27. Weighted blankets - Some blankets are engineered to deliver "pressure therapy" that can resemble a reassuring hug and lower anxiety

28. Heated massagers - For some aches and pains, heated massagers may provide relief - and no matter what, they can induce feelings of tranquility.

Gifts for older parents with arthritis

29. Jar openers - These tools automatically open jars, a task that can be painful for those with arthritis.

30. Heated mattress pads - Direct heat on areas affected by arthritis can reduce symptoms, making heated mattress pads a beloved gift.

31. Extra-long shoehorns - Ranking among the least expensive gifts for older adults, these tools can reduce the bending involved in putting on shoes.

32. Knee gel packs - Your parent may find that this gift minimizes knee swelling and boosts range of motion.

Fitness gifts for elderly parents

33. Resistance bands - These in-home, easy-to-use plastic ropes are highly adjustable, and they're less onerous to transport and set up than free weights.

34. Exercise bike - Stationary cycling on an exercise bike is among the lowest-impact cardiovascular exercises, plus these machines are relatively compact

35. Over-the-ear earbuds - For the active parent who loves jogging or walking fast, highly secure over-the-ear earbuds offer the joy of a workout soundtrack.

36. Smartwatch or fitness tracker - With just a small device that goes on the wrist, your parent can build a digital log of all their exercise.

Holiday gifts for older parents

37. Smart speaker - Your parent can vocally request all kinds of things from these speakers - they're among the most accessible 21st-century technologies

38. Festive throw blankets - Remind your parent of the holiday year-round with throw blankets decorated with celebratory imagery.

39. Adult coloring books - Restore low-key childhood fun to your parent's life with coloring books designed for adults.

40. Journal - A simple space to write about everyday happenings can be especially meaningful for a reflective parent

Birthday gifts for elderly parents

41. Crossword puzzle books - A big collection of complex, compelling pen-and-paper games is the gift that truly never stops giving.

42. White noise machine - The added tranquility that these easy-to-use devices provide can start a new year of life with plenty of peace

43. Flower bouquet - A stunning, low-maintenance floral display in a windowsill can always remind your parent how much you care

44. Home herb-growing kit - If your parent prefers plants they can use in meals, these low-cost fresh herb kits make for great birthday gifts.

Unusual and unique gifts for older parents

45. Monthly tea subscriptions - Older parents who love tea might be completely surprised and elated that they can get high-quality tea regularly delivered right to their doorstep

46. Inverted umbrella - The pattern on these umbrellas is on the inside, not the outside, adding extra joy to your parent's rainy days

47. Therapy dough - The scents in these unusual doughs may be associated with feelings of relaxation, and using them can reduce muscle tension.

48. CBD products - Natural supplements that include CBD are typically quite safe, and their usage may be correlated with decreased anxiety.

Gifts for older parents who are hard of hearing

49. TV listening devices - These devices go right in your parents' ears to deliver TV at high volumes without the whole room experiencing louder sounds.

50. Vibration alarm clocks - For parents who struggle to hear alarm clocks, these devices' vibrations target a different sense to wake them up

51. Video doorbells - Your parent can see who's at the door via a smartphone app with these doorbells - no listening for a ring required.

Technology gifts for older parents

52. Tablets - Many of these devices come with large text and emergency dialing features ideal for self-reliant older adults

53. Voice-enabled smart TVs - Set this TV up for your parent, and they'll spend less time being annoyed with clunky remote-control buttons

54. Colorful lighting devices - Your parent can control these devices from a tablet or mobile phone to douse their surroundings in stimulating or calming hues

Gifts for older parents with dementia

55. Large read-out clocks - A big, clear display of the time and date can help ground and orient parents with dementia

56. Fidget toys - In moments of anxiety or restlessness, fidget toys can provide calm to those with dementia.

57. Memory books - More than just a collection of photos, these books accompany visuals with language, potentially stimulating your parent's memory

58. Robotic pets - This form of dementia therapy has been scientifically correlated with reduced stress and anxiety

Experienced-based gifts for older parents

59. Personal care gift cards - Massage therapy or mani-pedis on your dime can be delightful for parents of any age.

60. Restaurant gift cards - Treat your parent to a free meal at their favorite eatery, whether a local restaurant or a big chain

61. City tours - For more mobile older parents, a guided city tour can be an enlightening and highly entertaining experience.

62. Art classes - Many parents will appreciate the opportunity to have their minds stimulated in a generous, caring environment

Convenience gifts for older parents

63. Fanny pack - These tiny bags give your parent a low-weight, low-hassle extra pocket for quick trips out of the house.

64. Compact mobile charger - In a pinch, your parent can charge whatever devices they bring with them on the go.

65. Multitool - Often just the size of a credit card, these miniature tool packs typically include a scissor, screwdriver, ruler, and more.

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