70 Exciting, Heartwarming Gifts for Elderly Women

70 Exciting, Heartwarming Gifts for Elderly Women

12 Mar 2024

70 Exciting, Heartwarming Gifts for Elderly Women

Finding the perfect gift for an older woman in your life can be fun, but it can also seem challenging due to their changing needs. Should you get a meaningful gift that could spark some tears or opt for an exciting gift that will provide endless entertainment? The good news is that there are plenty of options for both.

Whether you're searching for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or just a little something for a loved one, you're in the right place. Below is a list of 70 gifts for elderly women that can inspire you to choose the right one.

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What to get older women over 90

  • 1. An eyeglasses chain

  • If your loved one tends to misplace their glasses often, an eyeglass chain is a darling accessory that will keep them nearby at all times.

  • 2. An LED light for mobility aids

  • Adding an LED light to your family member's cane can provide a clear walking path in the dark, allowing them to move around with ease.

  • 3. A digital photo frame

  • With just a tap of the share button, your loved one can come along on your adventures through their digital photo frame.

  • 4. An e-reader

  • An e-reader is a great gift idea that allows your loved one to keep all her favorite titles on one lightweight device. You can even go the extra mile and pre-download a few books for her or give her a gift card to buy her own.

  • 5. A sleep sound machine

  • Give your loved one the gift of peaceful beauty sleep with a sound machine that plays white noise and nature sounds to help her unwind.

  • 6. A video doorbell

  • A video doorbell can alert a hard-of-hearing family member when guests arrive by sending a notification right to her phone. With just a tap of a button, she can see and talk to anyone outside right through her phone screen.

  • 7. Ear gear

  • Help protect your family member's hearing aids so they can last years with ear gear. These cloth sleeves are made of spandex or nylon to provide a protective barrier for hearing aids.

  • 8. A talking watch

  • If your loved one can't see well up close, a talking watch will announce the current time with just the click of a button.

  • 9. A recordable book from family

  • A recordable book in which a loved one reads a story out loud is a great sentimental gift your little ones can give their grandparents.

  • 10. A large digital clock

  • In retirement, it can be difficult to maintain a schedule. A large digital alarm clock can help your loved one stay up to date - some even track appointments and medications.

Unique birthday gifts for older women

  • 1. A hammock

  • Give her the best of both worlds - a cozy nap space and a reason to get outdoors.

  • 2. Packing cubes

  • Send your loved one off to explore the world in style with a compact packing cube set. This way, she can pack an outfit for every occasion and keep it neatly organized in her suitcase.

  • 3. An espresso machine

  • If she's a coffee drinker, let her enjoy delicious, creamy lattes in the comfort of her own home with an espresso machine.

  • 4. Gourmet chocolates

  • You truly can't go wrong with gifting a chocolate lover a gourmet box filled with flavorful delicacies. From strawberry-filled confections to caramel nut clusters, she'll have a new flavor to look forward to every night.

  • 5. A personalized charcuterie board

  • If your family member loves to host, give them a personalized charcuterie board to serve her favorite meats and cheeses.

  • 6. A jet bath spa

  • Transform any bathtub into a relaxing spa with a jet bath device that suctions to the tub.

  • 7. A garden kneeler and chair

  • Gardening is a great way for older adults to get fresh air and grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits they can later enjoy. Whether your loved one is new to gardening or a pro, a garden kneeler and chair can make the job easier and relieve joint pain.

  • 8. A bag light with sensor

  • Finding small objects like lip balm or keys in a tote full of miscellaneous items can be challenging. To help your loved one find products with ease, give them a bag light that turns on when it senses movement.

  • 9. A tea sampler

  • Whether she's a regular tea drinker or she's looking to try something new, a tea sampler is a great gift for exploring new flavors.

  • 10. A window bird feeder

  • A window bird feeder will provide hours of entertainment and give a bird-lover an up-close glimpse of different species.

Fitness and health gifts for older women

  • 1. Wireless headphones

  • Wireless headphones are a gift a loved one can use at the gym, on a walk, or while knitting at home.

  • 2. A sparkling water maker

  • Staying hydrated is a bit more enjoyable with some carbonation and different flavor combinations. A sparkling water maker will have your loved one creating their own delicious drinks they can enjoy throughout the day.

  • 3. A yoga mat

  • If she's a yoga enthusiast, a yoga mat might be the perfect gift for her to take her skills to the next level. Plus, yoga mats are compact and lightweight, so she can enjoy her hobby anywhere - at home, in her yard, or on a tropical beach.

  • 4. A gym membership

  • From a yoga studio to a full lap pool and cardio equipment, a gym membership offers plenty of amenities any older woman can enjoy.

  • 5. Resistance bands

  • Resistance bands are a great gift to any older adult who wants to build their strength and flexibility in a safe way.

  • 6. A new pair of tennis shoes

  • Comfortable shoes with a good grip can help older adults maintain better stability and reduce their risk of falling.

  • 7. A fitness tracker

  • A fitness tracker is a great device that can monitor your loved one's activity and heart rate throughout the day and track their sleep.

  • 8. Light weights

  • Create an enjoyable at-home workout space for your loved one with a few sets of lightweight dumbbells or ankle and wrist weights.

  • 9. An exercise bike

  • An exercise bike is a great, low-impact way for older adults to improve their health and strengthen their muscles year-round without leaving home.

  • 10. A water bottle

  • Help your loved one stay hydrated throughout the day by giving them a water bottle with their favorite color or pattern on it.

Practical gifts for older women

  • 1. A customized calendar

  • A calendar customized with family photos, anniversaries, and birthdays is the perfect heartfelt gift to make your loved one smile.

  • 2. A key finder

  • If your loved one loses their keys pretty often, a key finder might be exactly what they need.

  • 3. An Airtag

  • An Airtag is a great item your loved one can use to keep track of their everyday items or use during travel.

  • 4. A light-up magnifying mirror

  • A light-up magnifying mirror can make daily grooming easier for those who are visually impaired or who struggle to stand for long periods.

  • 5. A power lift chair

  • If your loved one lives alone, a power lift chair is perfect for helping them get in and out of a chair with ease.

  • 6. A weighted blanket

  • Gifting a weighted blanket can improve your loved one's sleep, keep them warm, and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • 7. A heated stair mat

  • Keep your loved one safe during the winter months with a heated stair mat that instantly melts snow and ice off steps.

  • 8. A fill-in recipe book

  • There's something special about grandma's cooking. With a fill-in recipe book, she can pass down all her secret recipes and tips to you.

  • 9. A vacuum robot

  • A clean home is a happy home - especially when you give her a vacuum robot that takes one time-consuming task off her to-do list.

  • 10. A pill organizer

  • Your loved one may find it challenging to keep track of all her medications, but a pill organizer can make it easier.

Inexpensive gifts for older women

  • 1. An adult coloring book

  • Coloring is a fun, relaxing activity older adults can enjoy alone or with their grandkids.

  • 2. Puzzles

  • Puzzles are a great activity older adults can do to pass the time and keep their minds sharp.

  • 3. A book

  • Transport her to another world with some books from her favorite authors or genres.

  • 4. A book light

  • Give your loved one a book light so she can enjoy her favorite books at any hour.

  • 5. A memory journal

  • A memory journal includes guided prompts that can help your loved one record some of her best moments throughout the years.

  • 6. Yarn for knitting

  • If she loves to knit, give her a basket filled with yarn in different colors, from bright yellow to neutral beige.

  • 7. An extended shoehorn

  • Save your loved one the backache and give them a long shoehorn so they can put their shoes on with ease.

  • 8. A personalized ornament

  • An ornament with a family photo or a personalized message is a great Christmas gift for an older woman.

  • 9. Plants

  • Plants are a great, inexpensive gift that can add a pop of color and vibrancy to your loved one's home. You can find low-maintenance plants that she can care for easily.

  • 10. A diffuser

  • Adding a diffuser into your loved one's home with scents such as lavender and eucalyptus can transform her space and uplift her mood.

Self-care gifts for older women

  • 1. A cozy robe

  • A fuzzy robe is the perfect attire to keep your loved one warm as she gets ready for her day or relaxes for the evening.

  • 2. House slippers

  • Soft, non-slip house slippers will keep her feet toasty and comfortable as she lounges or moves around the house.

  • 3. Bath bombs

  • Give her a spa-like experience at home with aromatic bath bombs that can lift stress and relieve achy joints.

  • 4. A heated back massager

  • With a heated back massager, your loved one no longer needs to wait for a massage appointment. Instead, she can relieve sore muscles right at home.

  • 5. Rosemary hair repair oil

  • It's common for hair to thin as one ages. A rosemary hair repair oil can aid in hair growth and nourish dull or dry hair.

  • 6. A foot spa

  • With a foot spa, she can enjoy a pedicure while binge-watching her favorite TV shows.

  • 7. Nail polish

  • There's something about freshly painted nails that adds a bit of sophistication to any look. Whether she prefers a clean aesthetic or a pop of color, give her a few different options she can enjoy throughout the year.

  • 8. Pain relief cream

  • Aging can mean joint aches become more common. Help her relieve some of the pain and swelling with a pain relief cream.

  • 9. A towel warmer

  • Every day can feel like a trip to the spa when she has a heated towel and robe warmer.

  • 10. Perfume

  • A perfume in her favorite scent can be a great Christmas or birthday gift that'll last for years.

What to get the older woman who has everything

  • 1. A book subscription

  • Any bookworm can benefit from a book-of-the-month subscription box. This way, your loved one can choose the books she wants and get them delivered right to her doorstep.

  • 2. A cooking class

  • If she loves to cook or enjoys trying new foods, sign her up for a cooking class. She can even enjoy a lesson with friends or family.

  • 3. A handmade photo album

  • Gift your loved one a personalized photo album filled with pictures of all the fun memories you've shared with her.

  • 4. A gift basket

  • A handmade gift basket is a thoughtful gift your loved one can appreciate. Depending on what she likes, you may want to include a few of her favorite treats, warm socks, a game, or hobby supplies.

  • 5. A birthstone ring

  • If she likes to wear jewelry, a ring made of the birthstones of her children or grandchildren could be her new favorite accessory.

  • 6. Experience gift cards

  • Instead of opting for a gift card to a store, give your family member a gift card for a fun experience. From a spa trip to a five-course dinner at a new restaurant, the options are endless.

  • 7. A house-cleaning service

  • Some elderly women who live on their own appreciate having someone help out with chores in their home. You can book a cleaning service as a one-time deal or make it a monthly or weekly occurrence.

  • 8. Concert or sporting event tickets

  • Give the gift of an evening out. Your loved one will cherish tickets to see their favorite artist or sports team live and reminisce about it for years to come.

  • 9. An membership

  • Some older adults want to document their family history to pass along to the next generation. A membership to can provide useful documents to help them research and build a family tree.

  • 10. A meal delivery service

  • If your loved one has a difficult time moving around her kitchen, a meal delivery service is a thoughtful gift. This way, she can still enjoy delicious and nutritious dishes without the hassle of cooking.

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