55 Hobbies for Seniors to Keep Retirement Fun and Active

55 Hobbies for Seniors to Keep Retirement Fun and Active

12 Mar 2024

55 Hobbies for Seniors to Keep Retirement Fun and Active

It's natural to look forward to retirement - you'll finally be able to relax and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. However, once retired, some older adults may get bored with all that free time on their hands. Finding different hobbies can help fill your free time, and It's great for your mental and physical health too.

Whether you prefer a relaxing day alone at home or spending time outdoors with friends and family, there are options for you. Here are 55 hobbies for seniors that can make the time fly by.

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Unusual or miscellaneous hobbies for older adults

1. Try out for modeling

Contact your local agency to become an ad, commercial, or packaging model that folks your age can relate to.

2. Teach an online class

Share your knowledge and experience with younger generations by teaching a class on one of your favorite subjects.

3. Go on a road trip

Hit the road and explore places you've always dreamed of but never had the time to see - now's your chance!

4. Adopt a pet

Many pets need a place to call home, and you can be the next person to provide them with enough love to last a lifetime. Adopting a pet offers mental and physical benefits, too - pets can get you up and about while providing companionship.

5. Become a gamer

Whether you prefer an adrenaline-packed or relaxing adventure, playing video games as a pastime can potentially improve cognitive function potentially improve cognitive function.

6. Join social media

Social media involvement can help you connect with family and friends and, if you feel lonely, partake in authentic conversations.

7. Act in a play

Even without acting experience, you can join a theater production to go out and meet new people in your community.

8. Host a poker night

Grab a deck of cards and some poker chips and invite your friends over for a night filled with effortless conversation and friendly competition.

9. Try martial arts

Improve your balance, flexibility, and endurance, and boost your confidence by joining a local martial arts class.

10. Become a citizen scientist

Search the Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Catalog, volunteer to monitor air quality and the tides, or set off on your own adventure

11. Build a model

Put your coordination, patience, planning, and design skills to the test, and spend an afternoon creating your own model.

Indoor hobbies for older adults

1. Join a book club

Joining a book club is a great way to meet new people, discover new books and authors, and share your love of reading.

2. Binge-watch a movie series

Grab your fuzzy blanket and some snacks, and make yourself comfortable on the couch for an action-packed day filled with movies.

3. Take classes

Whether you want to learn a new subject or sharpen your skills, there are plenty of classes available online or in person via continuing education programs.

4. Play board games

Gather your friends or family and play classic games like Monopoly or Life, or become detectives for the day and solve a murder mystery.

5. Visit museums

Spend your next rainy day away from home and explore art, science, or history at a local museum.

6. Go dancing

Dancing with a partner or by yourself can be a great mood booster. It's also exercise, so it can benefit your muscles, bones, and heart if you go regularly.

7. Get into baking

Bring out your creative side and create delicious desserts you can enjoy on your own or share with others.

8. Join a wine club

At a wine club, you'll discover new wines, drink them, and meet new friends with the same interests - what more do you need?

9. Try meditation

Meditation can drive your worries and anxiety away as you focus on the present moment.

10. Try out new recipes

Bring out your inner Gordon Ramsey night after night and create your own version of your favorite restaurant meal.

11. Become a babysitter

Enjoy every moment of watching your grandkids grow up by offering to babysit a few times weekly.

Outdoor hobbies for older adults

1. Start gardening

Take in the fresh air and soak up some Vitamin D while you create a produce or flower garden right in your own backyard.

2. Go for a walk

A short 10 - to 30 - minute walk each day can keep you feeling your best mentally and physically.Walking can strengthen your muscles and bones, boost your mood and reduce stress levels.

3. Become a golfer

Golf is a popular activity for older adults since it offers a low-intensity workout and social outing.

4. Get into grilling

If you're a foodie, one way to enjoy a beautiful day is to invite family and friends over and grill your favorite nutritious meal.

5. Go to parks

Visiting parks on the regular is a great way to get physical activity while enjoying new scenery.

6. Go camping

If you love the outdoors, pack up your car and head into the woods for weekend vacations that won't break the bank.

7. Try yoga

Yoga is an exercise you can practice anywhere - the comfort of your backyard, at a studio with friends. Practicing yoga as an older adult can improve your flexibility, balance, and muscle strength, which can help prevent falls in the future.

8. Search for seashells

Spend some afternoons roaming the beach looking for seashells, then take your favorites and turn them into crafts you can add to your decor.

9. Go fishing

Whether you view fishing as a meditative practice or a competition with friends, it's an adventure that'll pass time - and possibly give you dinner.

10. Join a sports team

Daily exercise reduces your risk of heart disease and muscle loss. Joining a sports team, whether golf, swimming, or pickleball, can also get you to meet new people and socialize more often during retirement.

11. Explore paddleboarding

Head to a lake for low-impact paddleboarding workouts that strengthen your core, improve your balance, and burn many calories.

Hobbies for older adults with limited mobility

1. Read books

It's time to dust off that "must-read" list you started years ago and stimulate your brain with the books you never had time for. Reading can take your mind to a whole new world, plus it'll keep your brain active and challenged

2. Write daily journal entrie

Start a diary or journal and write down all your favorite experiences that you and your family can look back and reminisce on.

3. Listen to podcasts

With topics ranging from true crime to current events, podcasts can keep you engaged for hours and potentially teach you something new.

4. Get into knitting

Bring out your inner fashionista and knit yourself some sweaters, or create gifts for loved ones using bright colors and unique designs.

5. Solve puzzles

Put on your cozy pajamas and nestle in for a relaxing day filled with puzzles and bonding time with your loved ones.

6. Create your family tree

Forget hunting down paper records - instead, use one of the many free resources online to create your family tree.

7. Learn a new language

Learning a new language as an older adult may improve memory and brain function, making you less susceptible to cognitive decline.

8. Play a musical instrument

The ukulele and piano are two beautiful instruments that are beginner-friendly.

9. Become a birdwatcher

Grab a pair of binoculars and a local bird guide, and head outside to observe and learn about birds in their natural habitat.

10. Go stargazing

Relax with a loved one as you gaze into the night sky, or create a friendly competition to see who can find the most constellations.

11. Go swimming

If you have arthritis, try low-impact, full-body workouts such as swimming to keep your heart and muscles strong and healthy.

Craft hobbies for older adults

1. Start painting

Create bold, bright images with a canvas, paintbrushes, and watercolors.

2. Make homemade cards

Save yourself time and money and create handmade cards that your loved ones will cherish for years

3. Draw for fun

If you're not comfortable freehanding, grab a few stencils or follow a step-by-step video to create your masterpiece.

4. Make homemade candles

Create your own vibrant or calming custom-scented candles for your home with wax molds and essential oils.

5. Make quilts

If you're new to quilting, find a pattern or kit online, then choose some colorful, unique patterns to bring your quilt to life.

6. Try photography

Whether you prefer to photograph people or landscapes, photography can be a relaxing activity that brings out your artistic side.

7. Explore woodworking

Woodworking is a great hobby to challenge your mind and strength while giving you a sense of accomplishment with whatever you create.

8. Become a DIY guru

With plenty of ideas and tutorials online, you can transform your home with just a few tools and some imagination.

9. Begin your journey into scrapbooking

Put all your favorite photos, letters, and keepsakes in a handmade book designed by you.

10. Try pottery

Take on a new, exciting form of art that you can show off in your home, and sign up for a local class with friends.

11. Go antiquing

There's plenty of hype around antiquing, from finding hidden treasures for your home to turning something rustic into modern art.

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