25 Entertaining Indoor Activities for Seniors

25 Entertaining Indoor Activities for Seniors

12 Mar 2024

25 Entertaining Indoor Activities for Seniors

Vitamin D and fresh air can almost always do the body good - well, most of the time. Winter chills and summer heat can become unpleasant and, in extreme cases, dangerous for older adults. Although staying inside might not sound the most appealing, there are plenty of activities you can do to pass the time. Here are 25 entertaining indoor activities for seniors that will keep you engaged and active.

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Why are indoor activities for older adults important?

  • Less cognitive decline

  • Stimulating your brain with activities such as playing cards and learning a new language or instrument can help combat cognitive decline. These indoor activities require you to plan and make quick decisions, and this all can keep your thinking skills intact.

  • Stronger physical health outcomes

  • Since partaking in outdoor activities can significantly impact your physical health, you might think indoor activities don't have this effect as much. That's not quite true, though - indoor activities such as swimming, strength training, and yoga can build your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health.

    Other indoor activities that involve your reflexes, sensory skills, and hand-eye coordination can potentially improve your physical health too. Even video games that require strong reflexes and hand-eye coordination could possibly keep these qualities strong for you in the real world.

  • Stronger mental health outcomes

  • Indoor activities such as reading, indoor gardening, and scrapbooking can improve your mental health in various ways. For example, scrapbooking or knitting encourages creative thinking, whereas exploring genealogy has an educational component. Indoor activities can also help to sharpen your cognitive skills, reduce stress, and enhance your mood.

Minimal chance of heat exhaustion or heat stroke

Older adults are more susceptible to heat-related concerns for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Taking medications that make it more difficult to control your internal temperature.

  • Having a health condition that changes the way your body responds to hot temperatures.

  • Aging in and of itself - as you grow older, you may experience decreased heat tolerance.

Increased social opportunities

One of the many positive things about indoor activities is that you have the choice of enjoying them alone or with others. Being around people can bring you joy, alleviate stress, and refresh your sense of purpose. Whether you make a new friend at a book club or invite a close family member over, it's important to stay social when you're older.

25 indoor activities for older adults

  • 1. Build your strength

  • Strength training can help you build muscle, increase your flexibility, and decrease your likelihood of falls and injuries. A quick 15-to-30-minute workout a few times each week can improve your health and keep you feeling your best.

  • 2. Play games

  • Whether you prefer card games like Uno or board games like Catan, playing games with loved ones is a great way to stay entertained.

  • 3. Read books

  • Reading can promote better sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve your memory function. Stay nestled in bed, enjoy a quiet, relaxing day with a book, and let your imagination run wild.

  • 4. Join a book club

  • Joining a book club allows you to meet friendly folks you age, try new book genres, and share your love of reading with like-minded people.

  • 5. Visit family members

  • Regularly visiting family or friends can increase your happiness, improve your mental health, and keep you resilient amid life's challenges.

  • 6. Try indoor gardening

  • Plant a variety of houseplants or different herbs to garnish meals with. You'll bring a bit of life into your home.

  • 7. Do some arts and crafts

  • Bring out your creative side and paint a vase for your countertop, or hand-sketch a photo to hang in your bedroom.

  • 8. Have a self-care day

  • Soak in the tub, put on a face mask, and grab your favorite nail polish for an affordable at-home self-care day.

  • 9. Write anything you want

  • Writing can be therapeutic in all forms, whether you enjoy writing diary entries, reminiscing on favorite memories, or starting a short story.

  • 10. Online shop

  • If you have a family member's birthday coming up or you need a bit of retail therapy, shopping online can pass the time.

  • 11. Attend a cooking class

  • Going to a cooking class is a great way to bond with family and friends. Plus, you might discover a new favorite recipe.

  • 12. Attend a concert online

  • Search YouTube or a streaming app to enjoy your favorite artists' live shows from the comfort of your home. Watching videos of previous concerts is a great alternative if you can't find any livestreams.

  • 13. Volunteer

  • Bring a smile to a stranger's face and spend some time at a local charity packing meals, baking cookies, or creating handmade cards.

  • 14. Make playlists

  • You can create a playlist to suit any mood or activity, whether you're seeking the calm of classical jazz or a pump-up cleaning playlist.

  • 15. Do a puzzle

  • Whether alone or with friends, a puzzle is a great activity to try in one sitting. If you're not feeling quite that ambitious, you can keep working on your puzzle over any period. Doing a puzzle can potentially delay memory decline as well.

  • 16. Listen to a podcast

  • Podcast topics run the gamut from murder mysteries to healthy living. Chances are you'll find more than a few different podcasts you'll enjoy listening to on the regular.

  • 17. Create a scrapbook

  • Place your old photos in a scrapbook that you design to document your memories and put a nostalgia-induced smile on your face.

  • 18. Knit

  • With a pair of knitting needles, some yarn, and a little imagination, you can create yourself some exciting new clothes.

  • 19. Attend a yoga class

  • Yoga is great for your mind and body and offers numerous health benefits. It can improve your flexibility and mobility while reducing your stress and improving your mood.

  • 20. Go swimming

  • Swimming is a great workout that can improve your cardiovascular health and strength without putting pressure on your joints.

  • 21. Binge a TV show

  • Dim the lights, grab a blanket, and find a show that will leave you wanting more with every episode.

  • 22. Engage on social media

  • Social media allows you to connect with, message, and stay up to date with all your friends and family who live far away.

  • 23. Explore genealogy

  • You can create your family tree easily by finding census, land, immigration, and military records all in one hub.

  • 24. Go to the salon

  • Treat yourself to a hair, skin, and nail day at your local spa.

  • 25. Learn a new subject

  • Sign up for continuing education courses and become fluent in another language or brush up on your art history knowledge.

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