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Benefits of Using a Meal Delivery Service in Chicago

20 July 2023


There are dozens of reasons to use a meal delivery service, especially when you live in a busy, populated city like Chicago.

From saving money and time to eating healthier, the benefits of a meal prep delivery quickly add up. And when your delivery service drops off freshly prepared, nutritionally-balanced dishes every day, you can rest assured that what you're eating is doing good for your body and for the planet.

If you're considering stepping up your lunches and dinners at home with wholesome, nutritious and ready-to-eat meals, a convenient delivery service like Meal Village may be just what you need.

Enjoy fresh, delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home.


Top Meal Delivery Benefits

These are some of the top reasons to subscribe to a meal delivery service in Chicago, for every size household and budget.

Save Time

When you don't have to plan, shop for, and prepare meals every day, you can spend more time doing the things you love. You won't feel added stress at work to finish up and get home in time to feed the kids. And when you are home, you can spend more time enjoying your family, practicing a hobby or socializing with friends, rather than in the kitchen.

A meal delivery service that offers fully-prepared meals takes care of the hassle and stress of grocery shopping and meal planning at home. And when your fridge is stocked with fresh, chef-prepared dinners and lunches, all you'll need to do when hunger strikes is heat your meal and enjoy a hot and delicious plate in minutes.

Plus, Meal Village happily delivers directly to your home or office (as long as it's within our delivery zones). So you can enjoy wholesome office lunches, or avoid hunger while you crank out that last bit of a project before heading home.

Speaking of speed, Meal Village meals, available in Chicago, are all quick and easy to heat in the microwave or oven.

And if you're feeding a family, we have you covered there too. Our kids meals are an easy way to feed little ones healthy, clean meals that satisfy their nutritional needs without the fuss.

Save Money with a Meal Prep Service

If your typical dinner plans include delivery, take-out or a reservation, your weekly food bill can quickly add up, especially in a city like Chicago with a high cost of living.

However, one of the many benefits of meal prep services is that you can actually reduce your dining costs without sacrificing convenience, taste or variety.

Our healthy, ready-to-eat entrees start at $7.20 per person and include hearty servings of protein, vegetables, and grains to satisfy appetites of all sizes.

And when you order Meal Village delivery at least 24 hours in advance, you get an even better deal. We set our menus five days ahead of time to offer you plenty of time for advanced ordering to save you money.

Eat Better

If you have health goals that include eating foods that taste great and support your wellbeing, a meal delivery service can help you meet them.

Meal Village meals are hand-crafted in small batches by our culinary team of nutritionists, fine-dining chefs and caterers to provide optimal nutrition and flavor.

Of course, nutrition starts with the best ingredients, from vegetables to proteins and grains. That's why we take the time to source the highest quality ingredients from local producers and farmers.

By practicing sustainable, thoughtful sourcing and careful culinary techniques, we're able to sustain our position as one of the healthiest meal delivery services with restaurant-quality flavor and presentation in every dish.

Live More Sustainably

The ways we eat, shop for and cook food inform our individual environmental impact. From excessive food waste to using energy to drive to and from the grocery store, there are dozens of ways that our eating habits contribute to carbon production.

We are committed to providing a sustainable solution to nutritious, convenient meals. That's why we deliver meals throughout Chicago as efficiently as possible to reduce carbon emissions. And why we only use ingredients from producers that adhere to nationally-recognized sustainability practices.

Always Be Prepared

Thanks to your meal delivery service, you'll never have to come home starving only to find a stark-empty fridge again. Our meals stay fresh in the fridge for up to four days, depending on the protein. And many can be frozen for several months, so you'll always have something to reach for and quickly reheat in a pinch.

See our storage guidelines here for how best to store your Meal Village meals.

Enjoy fresh, delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home.


Start Your Meal Delivery in Chicago Today

Now that you're on board with the many delicious, healthy and convenient benefits of meal delivery services, do yourself a favor and try our ultra-fresh chef-prepared meals today. There's no subscription or commitment required, and we're always here for you with daily delivery.

And our menu is always changing, so be sure to check out what's cooking this week.

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