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What is the Best Meal Delivery Service in Chicago?

22 July 2023


On your search for the best prepared meal delivery service, you've likely come across a wide variety of options. From companies that promise quick and easy dinners to meal kits tailored to your dietary restrictions, there are many options to choose from.

So, how do you discover which is the best meal delivery service? That comes down to a few factors we'll discuss.

Enjoy fresh, delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home.


What Makes The Best Food Delivery Service

Here are a handful of the things you should look for when choosing a meal kit delivery service for your needs:

  • Convenience: Are you looking for a fully-ready meal, or are you okay with completing some chopping of fresh ingredients and cooking? Alternatively, you might want a service that lets you stock up on frozen meals you can easily pop in the microwave at your convenience.
  • Meal Options: Does the meal delivery service offer enough variety for your taste. Also see if the service has options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you want all your meals covered. It's a good sign when a meal delivery service offers a rotating menu with the seasons.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Whether you need dairy-free or plant-based meals, it's important to find a meal delivery service that accommodates your dietary preferences. Or, if you have allergies, you will want to ensure your delivery service can deliver allergen-free meals.
  • Flexibility: Think about how many meals per week you might need. Also, look into what to do if you need to skip a delivery one week and how easy or difficult it would be to change your subscription.
  • Location: Make sure the meal delivery service you choose can deliver healthy meals to your door. Some companies only service certain areas of the country.

Meal Village: The Best Meal Delivery Service in Chicago

Meal Village is the best meal delivery service in Chicago for convenience, delicious meals and a reliable same-day delivery promise.

It can be hard to feed your family, or just yourself, consistently healthy, tasty meals week in and week out. Which is why so many people turn to meal delivery services to make getting dinner on the table easy, stress-free and healthy.

Of course, not all meal delivery options are created equal. Some companies require you to do a lot of prep work back at home with tiny bags of portioned ingredients and plenty of added packaging.

Other services only deliver on specific days of the week, instead of meeting your schedule. Still others don't promise nutritious, high-quality ingredients, and you may end up eating highly-processed foods that don't leave you feeling your best. At that point, you might as well just get take-out!

Meal Village, however, is unlike other meal delivery service options. It solves all of the problems listed above and then some. Which is why it's the best food delivery service the Windy City has to offer.

Still not convinced? Let's dive into what makes Meal Village the best Chicago meal delivery service you'll find.

Why Meal Village is the Best Prepared Meal Service in Chicago

1. The meals are fully prepared

With Meal Village, once you unpack your delivery, all that's standing between you and a hot and delicious meal is a few minutes of heating. Usually, all you need is a microwave!

We provide the best cook meal delivery in Chicago because we know that you lead a busy life. Even if you love to cook, you may not have time to dedicate to the kitchen every night, let alone three times a day. Instead, our food tastes, smells and looks freshly homemade, but saves you from slaving away over the stove. Our heating instructions are clearly printed on every meal to avoid confusion so you can have your meal ready in minutes with no hassle.

2. Our food is healthy and thoughtfully crafted

Our expert team of trained chefs and nutrition professionals takes the time to carefully design each Meal Village menu item for maximum nutritional value and flavor. This means that you can rely on our meals to satisfy you without sacrificing flavor or leaving you feeling weighed down.

In addition, we take the time to carefully source our raw ingredients from local producers in and around Chicago. This reduces our environmental impact and ensures that your food is as fresh and nutritious as possible.

We know that many people turn to meal delivery services for convenience, but with Meal Village it can also help you meet your wellness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss or incorporating more veggies and whole grains into your diet, our perfectly portioned and nutritious meals can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

3. We meet you on your time

We're here for you with same-day delivery on those days when the fridge and pantry are empty and you don't have time or energy to stop at the grocery store. As long as you order before 12 noon, we'll drop by with a freshly prepared, ready to heat dinner for you and your family.

Plus, we're more than happy to travel to any location within our delivery zones here in Chicago. That includes office buildings, schools and personal residences. Check out where we deliver throughout Chicago and the surrounding area here.

And if you're not home, no worries! Just let us know and we'll leave your meal at the door. Our meal delivery service is as flexible as it needs to be for your busy life.

4. We have options

There's no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all meal plan here. Instead, we leave the ordering power in your hands. Our lengthy menu is always changing and evolving with the seasons to make sure we're only offering the freshest ingredients. And we always have healthy pre-made meals that accommodate vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free and omnivorous diets.

And we don't stop at dinner either. Our daily-changing menu always includes several healthy breakfast options to make your hectic mornings a little less stressful.

For little ones, we also prepare pint-sized and kid-approved dishes like Sloppy Joe Sliders and Ham and Cheese Pinwheels that are easy to stash in a lunch box or grab for dinner before baseball practice.

5. We're flexible and affordable

Don't worry about being trapped in an unending subscription or being charged hidden fees. We don't require a commitment to try our meal delivery service. In fact, we're here for you whenever you need us, no subscription necessary.

Other traditional subscription meal kit services might promise low prices and promotions but turn out to be difficult to cancel. This can add more undue stress to your day. That's why Meal Village doesn't require a subscription!

What's more, our nutritious meals start at just $6.95 a serving, which makes us one of the most affordable dinner options you can find in Chicago.

Enjoy fresh, delicious ready-to-eat meals delivered to your home.


Start Your Meal Delivery in Chicago Today

Now that you're on board with the many delicious, healthy and convenient benefits of meal delivery services, do yourself a favor and try our ultra-fresh chef-prepared meals today. There's no subscription or commitment required, and we're always here for you with daily delivery.

And our menu is always changing, so be sure to check out what's cooking this week.

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