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Mother's Day Meal Ideas That Will Make Your Mom Feel Special

12 Sep 2023


A mother's love comes in spades. So when the day to celebrate the first woman in your life rolls around, you have to make the most of it.

Thoughtful presents are a treat. But if you want to give your mom the same level of love and care she has shown you over the years, you need to step it up... and into the kitchen.

Whipping up delicious Mother's Day meals are sure to warm her heart. But what should you prepare? Not to worry, we've put together the 6 best Mother's Day meal ideas you can make on this special day.

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6 Simple Mother's Day Meal Ideas

These meal ideas for Mother's Day won't require you to be a culinary expert. Even teenagers can prepare them as a surprise for their mothers. Be it a lunch or a dinner, your mom will certainly appreciate the time and effort you've put into making this day one-of-a-kind:

1. Make Your Mom's Favorite Pasta

Bring Olive Garden to your home for this special occasion. Start with your mom's favorite pasta dish for a tasty comfort food. Pasta dishes are always a safe bet-especially for beginners.

Does she like them tomato sauce based or cream based? With meat or seafood? Do your homework to ensure this hearty meal is ready for her the way she wants it.

Pro Tip : Don't discard the pasta water hastily. It's a secret sauce thickener. It also enhances the flavor of the pasta and helps the sauce adhere to it

2. Prepare A Delicious Roast Dinner

Pot roast or roast chicken? It depends on what mom prefers. In any case, this makes for one of the best mother's day dinner ideas.

She knows how much love and effort go into preparing this dinner recipe, having done it herself almost every week. You can complement your main dish with a medley of spring vegetables served in a sheet pan

Pro Tip : Roasting meat perfectly is a challenge, so allow plenty of time for it to cook and rest.

3. Cook Up A Surprise Menu

Trade the go-to pork chops and chicken dinners with something exciting. Try different cuisines, such as Indian, Spanish, Thai-whatever you think will tickle your mom's taste buds.

Level it up by making the cuisine dish the theme of the night. You can plan everything from appetizers to desserts to drinks. If you're feeling extra, decorate the dining room as well.

Pro Tip: This Mother's Day meal idea isn't for every mom. Make sure yours have an adventurous palate, so she's open to enjoying whatever you serve.

4. Bake A Sweet Treat

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Cap off your Mother's Day meal with a delicious treat. Baking is an excellent way to give her the gift of love, time, and energy.

Whip up a layered decadent chocolate cake or a strawberry shortcake-or both! She sure deserves a Mother's Day dessert or two.

Pro Tip: If mom isn't a fan of too much sugar and carbs, swap out sweeteners and flour for healthier ones

5. DIY A Steak Dinner

Steak is a classic meal to celebrate something special with the family. You can impress your mom with a dinner party that will make her speechless.

There are many ways that you can go about with your steak. Using a cast iron skillet to baste and sear your beef will work fine. Instead of mashed potatoes, use brussels sprouts for enhanced munching texture and desired crispiness.

Pro Tip: The kicker lies in the cut you're using. Choosing cuts that run along the back, such as ribeye, strip, or tenderloin, leads to the best steak dinners.

6. Try Mother's Day Meal Delivery

If you're a busy bee or not confident in the kitchen, don't lose hope. You can still surprise mom with a homemade Mother's day meal.

These days, everything pretty much gets delivered to your doorstep - including food. Chefs from Meal Village cook fresh and delicious meals to please your palate. So, put comfy clothes on and keep your aprons at bay.

Simply place your order and wait a few minutes to celebrate Mother's Day with your favorite person.

Give Mom Something To Smile About On Her Day

On Mother's Day, do something more than send her presents. Throwing your mom a good dinner party is one of the best ways to appreciate all she does for the family.

Warm her heart and stomach with your love. Try some of the above meals for Mother's Day. Or better yet, ease your stress and make the surprise more special by getting Mother's Day meals delivered to your home.

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